About Counskills

To build a mindful life, one needs life skills to make it purposeful and this is what we exactly provide through our courses and workshops. We deliver learnings to enhance one’s skills to efficiently move forward in life and  we strongly believe that every Individual has their own potential to achieve their goals in abundance.

We help you discover the potential just needs to be discovered and polished and this is exactly what we do at Counskills!

We polish that diamond out of the coal!

Like a potter shapes a pot, COUNSKILLS believe in shaping an individual’s life by utilizing their capabilities in the best light to help them achieve their target and goals while being mindful. 

Like a pot after getting shaped goes into fire, every individual encounters the same heat in their life when they are on their way to achieve what they desire. We at COUNSKILLS understand that the heat sometimes gets intolerable and a person feels like giving up, changing their routes or mostly feels lost.

We not only understand but also feel the pain a person goes through and help them feel better by walking them out of that fire till they become their own fire fighter and saviour for themselves!

Counskills is an all-inclusive platform where we provide courses, workshops and
private sessions which take place in utmost privacy and confidentiality.


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