To build a mindful life, one needs life skills to make it purposeful and this is what we exactly provide through our courses and workshops. We deliver learnings to enhance one’s skills to efficiently move forward in life and we strongly believe that every Individual has their own potential to achieve their goals in abundance; the potential just needs to be discovered and polished and this is exactly what we do at Counskills!

We polish that diamond out of the coal!


To educate and scale up people’s life through life skills training.


To build a community of people who aspire to grow in life and bloom together.


To bring in a Positive connotation to the term 'Mental Health'.

About Mentor

Life skills, etiquette
and breakthrough coach.
Seminar speaker
Podcast host

Taran Kaur Bedi

Taran kaur Bedi who is our Mentor and Founder of Counskills is a Life Skills, Etiquette and Breakthrough Coach who loves to spread happiness all around her! 

To her Credits she has done B.A Program in Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy and is currently pursuing MSc. Clinical Psychology to further strengthen her knowledge.

Taran has conducted several workshops, mentored multiple individuals, has been seminar speaker at various occasions, is a member of Image Management Professional Association  and runs her own podcast channel named, “Life’s Savvy with Taran”.

What We Provide

Comprehensive Trainings

Soft skills developmental training for educational institutes, Businesses, families and students.

One on one sessions

Life one on one through private sessions.

Relationship coaching

We master in helping you solve all kinds of relationships issues:- parenting, couples, friends and a lot more.

Career coaching

We help you evaluate your passion and give your dreams a direction by assessing and building a comprehensive list of target interest careers.

Goal setting

Developing an action plan, designed and personalized specially for you in order to give you a road map full of motivation for your goals.

Workshops/ Courses:

Apart from seminars and private sessions we have our courses and workshops for more profound in depth knowledge about topics that help you build YOU!

Learn the secrets to Life Success

Base Plan

Base Plan

What You’ll Get


Pro Plan

Pro Plan

What You’ll Get


Elite Plan

Elite Plan

What You’ll Get


What They Say

It was a really great session, as she boosted my confidence by helping me know my self worth. She somehow managed to pull out the information which was bothering me. She helped me in accepting my self the way I am and How to make right conscious decision. She also explained me the power of law of attraction and How to set right energy at right place. She really has a healing vibe!

    Aishwarya Walkar


    Before I met Taran Ma’am I was very anxious about my career and what I was going to do with my future, I had peer pressure and a lot of career choices in front of me but not even a single idea of what to do! And now after my coaching I feel so sorted, clear, elated and motivated to move toward my goals that I myself can’t believe I could do this but the way Taran Ma’am took me through the journey of all the possibilities of what I can achieve I feel Great!

      Ansh Mukherjee


      Taran has been an excellent coach when it comes to listening patiently. She actually cares about the well being and has answers to almost every question. I am so grateful to Taran for helping me push through the most difficult phase of my life and teaching me how to love myself. Through these sessions she helped me resolve some deep rooted issues. Not only a good therapist but also a wonderful human too Thank you!

        Gunjan Jain


        Taran is an Amazing Coach and a gem of a person who has helped me grow into a better human being over the time of our coaching sessions. I had come to her for relationship coaching and her skills really worked for me. Coaching, counseling, training all of these are slow processes but are really worth it! The change I saw and felt in myself after 3-4 sessions was unbelievable, I was able to think and process things better and was also able to see things differently.

          Taksheel Sharma


          I would like to Thank Taran for this amazing workshop! The way she expresses, the way she approaches everything is tremendous! Though it was a virtual workshop it was superb! Hoping for more and more...

            Pragnya Reddy


            I was Happy to attend a affirmation workshop with Taran....great changes have came in my life after that workshop...It was a great workshop with her! All I want to say is Thank you👍🏻👍🏻

              Maitri Dhaval Gala


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